​Easter Full Moon Day of Retreat​

Easter Saturday March 31st  Full Moon Day of Retreat
Led by Ani Chodron Lhamo
10am – 5pm 
“Non distraction – the essence of Meditation”
“Rest within naked awareness ” Tilopa from the Ganges Mahamudra
“Non -distraction is the body of the meditation” Kagyu lineage prayer
“Do not dwell in the past
Do no wander into the future
Remain in the present with awareness and clarity”
Chamgon Tai Situ Rinpoche
Our day of retreat will be held on the full moon , a very powerful day for practice. The day will be  primarily practice based  with some teaching clips to guide us. We will pay particular attention to observing the “hooks”  that entice us away from naked awareness into distraction, away from the experience of life. Observing the way we regain awareness ,the state of non-distraction, will also be explored . 
All welcome !
To book your place send an email to Mary  at palpungireland@gmail.com
Lunch will be vegetarian pot-luck

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