Building resilience through Meditation Practice – 7 week course

Building resilience through Meditation Practice

Cost: €100
6 Evenings & 1 Full Day of Practice
Guided meditations
Weekly notes emailed to you
Weekly home-work sheets
Email support from the instructor

This 7 week course will run every Wednesday from 29th of
January to 11th of March 7 pm to (there will be no class on Wednesday 4th March)
Saturday 7th March will be a full day of Practice (10am-5pm)

Some of the topics that will be covered include:
Learning to relax in a sustainable way
Different meditations for different mind states
Meditation and building resilience.
How to work with stress, anxiety & depression through meditation
Bringing mindfulness into our daily lives
Bridging formal meditation & life

Course restricted to a maximum of 18 participants

In a speedy world that is full of distraction we all need to build resilience.
These days it is easy to feel dis-connected from our inner selves and from others. We may experience depression or anxiety and feel less able to deal with life situations
Meditation and mindful living helps us to gain a stable and pliable mind where we are not at the mercy of life ‘s moving tides or the myriad of thoughts and emotional states that seem to sabotage our happiness and peace of mind.
To help maintain a sense of well-being and basic sanity whilst living in a modern speedy world, the skill of Mindful Meditation is essential. The essence of Mindfulness is being relaxed and aware in the present moment.
This short seven week course will provide you with the basics needed to establish a regular meditation practice and live more in the present. It will help you to train in maintaining a steadiness in life even while there is turbulence around you. This is called resilience.
The course is practice based. Most of the time is spent learning and practicing different meditation techniques. A small amount of theory will be presented weekly to support your practice.

To book a place contact Orla at 

Please bring a Yoga Mat & Blanket or Shawl

Any further information regarding the course call  0863027512

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