Frequent Q&A

1. Is there a charge for activities?
The Palpung Ireland Centre at Banteer is a vibrant Buddhist Centre, which aims to make the dharma accessible to as many people as possible. For many events, one can make a donation according to means and some events are free, but as the Centre depends to a large extent on the support of its community there is a charge for some teachings. These charges are indicated on the website, the newsletter and the facebook page.

2. Can I bring my kids?
Palpung Ireland is an inclusive Centre and children are welcome. However, some teachings and meditation sessions might not be suitable for young children so it is best to check before coming along.

3. Can I drop by any time?
The Centre is open for regular practice times, for weekend meditation sessions and for teachings (see programme on Website/ Facebook etc.) If you would like to visit outside of these times, it is best to contact us.

4. Is the public welcome to attend?
The public is absolutely welcome to attend the regular progamme at the Centre.
5. Can non-Buddhists benefit from your activities?
More and more people are turning to awareness and mindfulness meditation practices as a way of working with an increasingly fraught and pressurized world. So yes,
everyone, Buddhist and non Buddhist alike, can benefit from the activities at the Centre.
6. What happens at a monastery?
Monasteries are sacred environments devoted to the study and practice of Buddhism, where monks and nuns, and sometimes lay people, turn inward to concentrate on the development of wisdom and compassion and where they receive teachings from resident and visiting lamas.
7. What can I expect when I visit?
A beautiful shrine room and a warm welcome to a peaceful and supportive space .
8. Can I sit on a chair?
Chairs and cushions are provided, so you can sit wherever you feel most comfortable.

9.  Do I need to have experience in meditation or Buddhism to attend classes?
No. Everyone is welcome. However, some events are not suitable for total beginners, because the sessions are quite long, it is best to contact us in advance. 
10. How should I dress for class?
Comfortably, and also respectfully, bearing in mind that you will be sitting in a Buddhist shrine room.

11. What do I need to bring?
Generally, you just need to bring yourself. Sometimes, for some teachings, you may want to bring a notebook and a pen.

12. Is advance booking required?
No advance booking is necessary for the regular programmes. You may need to book for some events because spaces are limited. This will be indicated on notices appearing on the website, the newsletter and the Facebook page.
Any other questions, please contact us at or Call 029-56862/ 083-1447769