Gyalton Rinpoche – The Eight Verses for training the mind

Venerable Gyalton Rinpoche          
  Sunday 14th June 1.30pm – 3.30pm  
 Rinpoche has graciously agreed to teach  on behalf  of requests from several European  Palpung Centres 
(by Zoom video conference with a  capacity for 500 participants)
Rinpoche will teach in English with simultaneous translations in French, Italian and Slovenian 
 “The Eight Verses for training the mind”
  Mind training (lojong)  is indispensable for those who wish to become bodhisattvas. This mind training text summarises the main points of training in bodhicitta.(the mind of Awakening) Like a manual, the text provides a step by step guide for practitioners to follow in order to develop bodhicitta gradually. The text is concise, short on words but deep in meaning .Each verse teaches a different practice through which we can endeavour to make our hearts and minds vaster and more encompassing. The profound practice of tong- len is one of the practices taught in this text. 
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Gyalton Rinpoche is one of our main teachers here in Ireland. He visits regularly and was due to visit here in August. As all his travel has been postponed Rinpoche has kindly agreed to teach this wonderfully profound and inspiring text by zoom video conference. 
  Everyone is welcome to attend  the teaching.  
To register for the teaching, please send an email to Orla at
We will open our zoom  from 12.30pm –  1.15pm on Sunday 14th,  for you  to test your connection .
For those who wish to avail of the translation in French, Italian or Slovenian,
1. In your meeting/webinar controls, click Interpretation. 

2.Click the language that you would like to hear.
Select “Spanish” to access Italian translation and “Russian” to access Slovenian.

3. (Optional) To only hear the interpreted language, click Mute Original Audio. 

every good wish .  
Ani Chodron and the Palpung team.

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