How to be a true Dharma practioner in today’s challenging world

Summer Retreat in Portugal with our Guru Tai Situ Pa Rinpoche July 16th to 21st July 2019 

Summer retreat in Portugal filling fast…… 

Dear friends
                      Greetings from the Holy land of India. I am in my monastery in Sherabling N India. Weather is pleasant and its so lovely to be here.
Ani Dechen sends her love and looks forward to welcoming you here one day.
I met with Situ Rinpoche in Delhi on Thursday. He is very much looking forward to the retreat . It is not possible to visit all the centres individually this time so a central venue that is not too expensive is a good second option for us.
It is difficult for many of you to make the trip to India so hopefully Portugal is more accessible.
This is a wonderful opportunity to recieve teachings from Rinpoche and to make a connection in the flesh . If you are connected to Palpung then you are connected to Rinpoche. 
Rinpoche is a living Buddha, fully awake. To recieve blessing and teachings from him is something beyond words. It will impact your meditation practice, this life and your future lives in a way that nothing else can.
I just met Lama Jampa, one of the organisers of the summer retreat in portugal.
The retreat is filling up fast and the single and twin accomodation is almost taken.
Palpung Ireland will organise a bus from Faro on 15th and back to the airport on 21st evening.
Aer Lingus and Ryan Air both fly into Faro from Cork. Dublin flies to Lisbon
If you would like to share a room  with someone from Palpung Ireland, please let me know and I may be able to help match you up.
For more information and registration
You have to book your accomodation seperately by emailing
If I can be of any further assistace please dont hesitate to contact Ani chodron

I am absolutely thrilled to inform you that Tai Situ Pa Rinpoche, the head of our Palpung Dharma Centre  will lead a retreat this summer in Portugal from July 16th to21st
“How to be a true Dharma practioner in today’s challenging world”
 (Dharma means  the teachings of Buddha, it also means truth)
concluding with Chenrezig Empowerment on the 21st
Situ Rinpoche.jpg
There will of course be a group from Palpung Ireland attending . Lama Rabzang , who recently visited us will also travel with a group from  Palpung Wales.
This is Rinpoche’s first teaching visit to Europe in 20 years.
I would really encourage everyone with a connection to Palpung Ireland to participate in this wonderful opportunity to meet Situ Rinpoche, to recieve very precious and practical teachings as well as availing of the opportunity  to connect with all the other European Palpung Centres.
The retreat is being provided at a very affordable rate to enable  interested people to attend. 
For all details please follow the link below
If i can be of any assistance please let me know. There are direct flights from Cork to Faro in Portugal.

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