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Schedule of practices on Palpung Ireland  zoom 

 Please email us at to get access to all Palpung Ireland’s zoom sessions (meditation and prayer) 

Regular weekly practices
*All events are on zoom only with no in-person allowed due to covid restrictions
Mondays 6pm-6.30pm Chenrezig Practice  
Chenrezig is the embodiment of pure love and compassion
7pm – 8.10pm Meditation and video teaching “Treating our suffering with wisdom”
8.10pm – 8.30pm Guided deep relaxation (welcome to join this session only)
Tuesdays 8.30am – 9.30am  Green Tara Practice
practice to overcome fear and remove obstacles
Wednesday 6pm – 6.30pm Medicine Buddha practice and mantra
                      7pm – 8pm Loving kindness practice with Caroline 
Thursday   8.30am – 9am White Tara practice and mantra for long life
                                                                      10am – 11.15am  Meditation and video teaching “Treating your suffering with wisdom”
Friday 8.30am – 9am Riwo Sang Cho Fire offering  (practice and mantra)
                                                            10am – 11am  ” Just meditate” with Colette – a chance to practice together. A guided settling in followed by 2 or 3 unguided sessions.
                                                   Saturdays 2pm -3pm  Tong len practice 
The profound compassionate practice of sending and taking with equanimity
                                             6pm -6.30pm Sur practice –  Aromatic smoke offering especially for Bardo beings 

You are welcome to join  any or all sessions on offer from Palpung Ireland

Suggested donation: E 35 per month/ E10 per week/ E10 per session

This is a guide only. Please give according to your means, no donation expected to join prayer sessions

A huge thanks for your ongoing support. We can’t do it without you!

Ways to get your donation to us: By Pay Pal


Reduce your social contacts;   Keep  a 2meter physical distance. Wash your hands, wear a clean face-cover, and don’t touch that face!

Stay safe, stay mindful 

All the best. 

Ani Chodron, on behalf of Palpung Ireland Dharma community



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