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Dear Friends,

As most of us are on some sort of imposed retreat at the moment, we would like to offer a full range of free support sessions.
If you are not on” retreat” then your service to all of us is so greatly appreciated and we hold you with gratitude in our hearts and prayers❤🙏

These sessions will include weekly sessions by:
Lama Rabzang from Palpung Wales on every Tuesday and Friday puja from Palpung Wales;
Mingyur Rinpoche Teaching Live Stream on Youtube

Regular practices  at Palpung Ireland on Zoom with 6 people welcome per session  to attend the Centre.
 (pre-booking essential if you want to attend in person  0863027512)
(Please drop an email to for Zoom link information)

Monday ‘s regular  Meditation with Ani Paldron on Zoom platform only 7pm -8pm
 Guided meditation and readings to inspire

Tuesday’s regular Dharma Talk & Meditation by Lama Rabzang –  Palpung Wales 

Please subscribe to Palpung Wales email to get a link to join the teaching on Zoom:

 Wednesday ‘s regular  Meditation and Loving kindness practice with Ani Chodron  7pm -8.15pm on zoom

 (6 welcome to attend in person booking essential)

Guided meditation and loving kindness practice together with a reading .Tea and coffee after the session will be in the Marquee.   If you would like to attend  this  session in person please text me on 0863027512 .


Thursday’s regular Meditation with Ani Chodron  10am – 11.15 am on Zoom

(6 welcome to attend in person, must be booked)

 Guided meditation with Ani Chodron,  including a session using sacred mantra as a meditation support. Mantra is also a powerful tool for transformation . If you would like to attend  this  session in person please text me on 0863027512 .

Tea and coffee after in the Marquee 


Friday’s regular Online Puja  Chenrezig Puja  / Medicine Buddha( on alternate evenings )with Lama Rabzang on FB

You can join the puja through FB Palpung Changchub Dargyeling

Saturday’s regular Tong-len session  with Ani Chodron
1.30pm – 2.30pm ( please note the new time  )
On Zoom platform with 6 people welcome to attend in person
Daily prayers on Zoom – You are welcome to join

 We  offer  lots of daily prayers as well as ritual for the benefit of all beings at this difficult time, when there is so much suffering, grief, fear and heart -ache in the world. We have our prayer books active for names so you are very  welcome to send your name and the names of your loved ones to us for inclusion. Some sessions are live streamed on zoom for you to join in the practice, chant the mantra or just listen and offer your presence. The texts are short and simple as well as deeply meaningful at this time  
If you would like to send names for inclusion in these prayer sessions email
Every Morning
7.30am – 8am Riwo Sang Cho 
(Fire puja offering of aromatic substance especially to our karmic debtors)
Aromatic smoke offering.jpg
8am – 8.30am White Tara practice 
Practice for a long life – she is called “the white one who ransoms death”
 (Text   is a text composed by the 8th Tai Situ Rinpoche, Situ Tenpai Nyinje  so is  very dear to everyone in Palpung) 
8.30am – 9am The praises of Green Tara
 followed by the  mantra of Green Tara (to transform fear and remove obstacles)and Tara Parnashavari (Tara of Healing)
  (ༀ་པིི་ཤཱ་ཙིི་པརྞ་ཤ་བ་རིི་སརྦ་ཛྭ་ར་པྲ་ཤ་མ་ཎིི་སྭཱ་ཧཱ། oṃ piśhāci parṇaśhavari sarva jvara praśhamaṇi svāhā  )
Every Evening
6pm -6.30 Medicine Buddha Practice and dewachen Monlam (for rebirth in the land of Bliss) 

Download Text


If you would like to make a donation to Palpung Ireland Centre you are welcome to do so via the PayPal link at the bottom of this page. We at Palpung Ireland receive all donations with heartfelt gratitude. Our Centre is solely dependent on the donations we receive from you. All our workers here are volunteers and all monies are used for the running and development of the Centre. Please don’t feel any pressure to donate as we are very aware that people may be experiencing financial difficulties at this time.

Get Zoom meeting ID & password to join these sessions by emailing

be well, be safe , be kind, be mindful
practice loving kindness – wear a face cover when physical distancing is difficult
lots of love❤🙏

Ani Chodron


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