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Schedule of our  on- line Meditation/ Dharma  sessions
 Monday  7pm – 8pm  Meditate together with Ani Chodron  (3x 20min sessions)
Tuesday 7pm – 8pm Lama Rabzang live teaching from Wales 
         If you want to tune into Lama’s teaching please register to be on Palpung Wales email list. They will send you the link directly.
Tuesday’s teaching was beautiful , simple and practical. Lots of folk from Ireland participated ! Hurray!!                                
Wednesday 7pm – 8pm  Meditation and Loving Kindness practice with Ani Chodron(followed by an open discussion forum at 8pm)
Thursday 10am – 11am  Meditate together with Ani Chodron (3×20 min sessions including mantra.
Friday 7pm – 8pm  Lama Rabzang leads puja from Palpung Wales   (streamed on FB. You may need a FB account.
Saturday  2pm – 3pm    Tong – len practice with Ani Chodron
 (some restrictions apply to joining this session . You must be familiar with and have practiced Tong len .
Please note that we will use a different meeting ID for this session. You will find it below. It will also require a password to join . To get the password just email 
Sunday Live Teaching by Mingyur Rinpoche 
We heard the great news that Mingyur Rinpoche is teaching live every Sunday at 5pm so we have revised our on line zoom sessions. Also our daily morning session will change slightly to accommodate people who would like to chant the different mantras that have been recommended for this COVID  time.
Follow Tergar for updated teaching schedule:
Daily puja from Palpung Banteer
 Morning session. The mantras and prayers suggested by our Guru Tai Situ Pa Rinpoche and HH Karmapa
                         8am – 9.15am
8.00am                  Guru Rinpoche prayers and mantras
 8.30am               Green Tara mantra (fearlessness and removing obstacles and                              White Tara mantra (long life)
 8.55am              Short  Medicine Buddha practice and mantra
9.10am          Dewachen prayer for those who have died
Here are the links to chants you might like to use during your day

Youtube links:

1. Medicine Buddha 
2. Green Tara
21 Praises to Tara – Chanted by the 17th Karmapa
3. Wrathful Guru Rinpoche Dorje Godrab Mantra
Send the names for our prayer books to  (Deceased, anniversary and living)
For the mantras and prayers for sessions, email
Link to join sessions from Banteer 
Zoom setup:
all sessions except Saturday 
1. For smartphone: Link
Please allow Zoom to access to your device when the message popup & use your phone/device audio. 
2. For laptop/ desktop – ID for the meeting
To join the weekly Tong Len session
Link for Smartphone: 
Please allow Zoom to access to your device when the message popup & use your phone audio. 
For laptop/ desktop – ID for the meeting
Get your code by emailing

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