2nd New Years Retreat – “Making Life Meaningful”

New Years Retreat
    Sunday January 7th
 “Making Life Meaningful”
10am – 5.30pm 
contribution E20 
(Patrons of Palpung go free and friends of Palpung get a 50% discount)​ 
On Sunday we are offering a second New Year’s Retreat​. Our day on the 1st was very successful and everyone benefited from the day.


As usual the New Year’s day Retreat will very much be a workshop-retreat.  Using a combination of meditation and written reflective practices, we deepen our  appreciation for all that has been good  in our past while acknowledging and letting go of what has not been beneficial for ourselves or others.

Even though  every moment we die and are reborn ,  the New Year can be a particularly poignant time for setting the intention for  change in motion, change that supports us living a meaningful life. A meaningful life is a happy life!

Making commitments that are realistic can be a great motivator and these reflective practices can focus our mind very one pointedly towards what we really want from this precious life.

All are welcome to join in kicking off the New Year in a meaningful way. No particular experience in meditation or reflection necessary

To book your place just send a mail to Mary at palpungireland@gmail.com

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