Mingyur Rinpoche to teach in the UK April 2018

A world renowned teacher of Meditation and author, Mingyur Rinpoche will teach at a few places in the UK,  for the first time in 10 years during April 2018 . After completing the traditional 3 yr retreat at a very young age Rinpoche was put in charge of teaching the retreatants in Sherabling, India by Tai Situ Pa Rinpoche.

After some years Rinpoche left monastery life embarking on a wandering yogi retreat for 4 years, living in jungles and caves , begging for his food. 

For anyone who is serious about meditation as a tool for transformation, this is an amazing opportunity not to be missed!

I have known Mingyur Rinpoche for many years as we both lived in Sherabling monastery at the same time. I was in retreat and Rinpoche was teaching and giving Empowerments to    the  3 year retreatants. I have been very fortunate  to have received teachings from Rinpoche . He transmits the profound  teachings of Buddha in a way that is easily understandable in a style that is laced with humour.and light-heartedness.

Palpung Ireland is organising a group to attend the retreat being held in Palpung Wales April 22nd – 25th .” Mahamudra Aspiration Prayer”  It is suitable for everyone , but especially if you are interested in finding out about the Nature of Mind, our True Nature and how to practice with a view to recognising this Nature.

“Through the light born from meditation, may the natural state shine forth as it is. ….” (from the Aspiration prayer of Mahamudra, the text for the retreat in Wales)

The places for this retreat are limited to 300. Tickets will go on sale by Eventbrite soon (no date for that yet) but I will let you know as soon as I know.

To receive  notification of the ticket sales you must register your interest on their website. 


Here, you can find his biography, as well as a list of his books HERE

Below is thelist of the venues Rinpoche will teach at during April

Rinpoche’s teaching tour in UK 2018


Friday 20th April Public Talk (the venue & topic to be confirmed later)
Saturday 21st April Teachings (the topic to be confirmed later)
More info / Contact: enquiries@karmaling.co.uk


22nd April Public Talk: “Where is my Happiness?” (the venue to be confirmed later)
23rd – 25th April Meditation retreat – Mahamudra Aspiration Prayer


27th April Public Talk: “The Essence of Meditation: A Joyful Mind in Modern Day Life” https://tergar.org/events/the-essence-of-meditation/
28th – 29th April Weekend course: Introducing the Joy of Living programme https://tergar.org/events/meditation-joy-living/


1st-4th May  Teachings: Gampopa’s ‘The Precious Garland of the Supreme Path’
More info: http://www.samyeling.org/courses/buddhism/view/nagarjunas-letter-to-a-friend-May-2018

 Every good wish!

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