Monthly Mahamudra Foundation practice (Ngondro)

Monthly Mahamudra Foundation practice (Ngondro)  
No charge but a small donation if you wish to cover heating etc is welcome


Sunday May 13th
Sunday March 25th Ngondro Practice 2pm -6pm
Sunday Febuary 25th Ngondro Practice 2pm -6pm
Kicks off on Sunday 28th January noon – 5pm 
What is Mahamudra?
” Your primordial essence has no limitation and it is perfect….more than perfect ………everyone is sacred , everything is sacred, .(when you know this) , then all the problems and shortcomings that you have become a secondary thing”
Guru Vajra Dhara Tai Situ Pa Rinpoche Mahamudra Transmission
To realize this is everyone’s destination and until we do nothing will satisfy us , we will keep searching for the elusive peace, happiness and satisfaction that we so desire.
Everything is Mahamudra practice . However there are meditation  practices both shinay (calm abiding) and lhathong (insight ) when practiced methodically over many years, under the direction of a  living Buddha  like our Guru VajradharaTai Situ Pa Rinpoche, can lead to  that  recognition of Nature of Mind – the beginning of our Enlightenment.
Like building a house, Mahamudra requires a solid foundation. Without the foundation our house will collapse. 
Mahamudra foundations  (Ngondro) consist of 
4 deep contemplations  –  Precious Human Life, Death and impermanence, Karma and the suffering of cyclic existence (Samsara) These are followed by
Refuge and Bodhicitta (prostrations), Dorje Sempa – purification practice, Mandala , accumulation of merit and Guru Yoga the practice of devotion.
On one Sunday every month we will practice together the 4 contemplations and Prostrations (refuge Bodhicitta) 
Everyone is welcome  but please contact me first 0863027512 as you may need instruction before starting the practice.

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