Summer Tai Chi workshop

Your Tai Chi instructor is the wonderful Aidan O’ Sullivan who is volunteering his time to run this Tai Chi workshop at Palpung Buddhist center in Banteer. All proceeds go towards the on-going renovation funds taking place at the centre.

Information on the Summer Tai Chi Workshop

Tai chi is an ancient art that uses intention, movement, posture, breathing, and stillness to explore our relationship with our bodies, minds, hearts and the surrounding environment. In this workshop we will learn how to connect deeply with the elements of earth , fire, water, air and ether. We will explore letting go in our bodies and how gentleness can have tremendous power. No previous experience is needed and all you need to bring is yourself. Hope to see you there. 


 Venue: Banteer Centre Date: Sunday 24th of June 2018

Registration time: 1.45pm  

Start Time: 2pm                        

Finish Time: 4.30 pm
Cost: €25                                          Maximum participants: 14

All levels welcome
Booking: contact Mary on

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