Sunday Meditation and Mantra Recitation

Sunday Meditation and Mantra Recitation
This Sunday 14th July
11am – 1pm Mantra chanting and recitation ( Guru Rinpoche , Green Tara, and Chenrezig  mantra)
 for HH Dalai Lama, HH Karmapa and Tai Situ Pa Rinpoche
The birthdays of HH Dalai Lama and Karmapa occurred recently . It is such a blessing for the world and especially for all of us connected to these great beings that they remain as long as possible on this planet and that there are no obstacles to their teachings and  dharma transmissions. Next week our Guru, Tai Situ Pa Rinpoche was scheduled to hold a retreat in Portugal. Unfortunately due to obstacles this had to be cancelled. Mantra is a very powerful way to remove obstacles as well as develop compassion and wisdom . We will dedicate this session of mantra recitation to the lives and activity of these great and pure beings as well as all great beings who work tirelessly to benefit others.
 All welcome, no prior knowledge of mantra necessary. All mantras provided .
 2pm – 5.30pm ” Bridging Formal Meditation and Daily Life”   (tea break at 3.30pm)   
everyone is welcome to attend one or both sessions
no need to book, just come along
E10 donation suggested for the afternoon session, morning free!    

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