How we work

The approach

Children living in poverty face many barriers to accessing a fundamental human right: education. With our work we want to increase access to education for children in Vietnam and Tanzania (for now) to give them the opportunity in the future to improve the overall health and longevity of their society, grow economies, and break the poverty cycle. 

Our focus is to facilitate access to education either by sponsoring kids’ school fees, by building infrastructures or by supporting families in need. 

Currently, we have active projects in Vietnam and Tanzania and soon we will expand to Ireland too. 


  • Requirement check

    Liaising with the local community, we identify milestones within our mission.

  • Fundraising

    We campaign to assure the funds required for the identified milestones  

  • Deliver

    We implement the projects witDeliver: We implement the projects within the budget, hin the budget,  

  • Monitor and update

    Closely track progress, expenses, impact and update donors, supporters and sponsors on how we use the funds and what’s the impact on the beneficiaries.


Where we work