“The profound practice of Tong-Len”  (sending and receiving)

Retreat day Sunday 27th October 10am to 5pm 
“The profound practice of Tong-Len”
 (sending and receiving)
The practice of Tonglen (sending and receiving) is at the heart of a Bodhisattva’s practice. A Bodhisattva works towards awakening compassion that is equal in his or her heart for all beings. It turns our ingrained habit of egocentricity upside down. 
 To quote His Holiness 14th Dalai Lama 
“Egocentrism which affects us all in varying degrees, prevents us from feeling love and compassion towards others. But to be truly happy , one must have a mind at peace and peace of mind will come only through altruistic love”
The Tibetan text that instructs us in the practice says 
“Suffering does not come from taking on suffering, it comes from a mistaken view. What we call suffering, what we call other beings, what we call self do not exist”
This very powerful healing practice will be practiced alternatively through the day  with calm abiding meditation (shinay).
All welcome!
Retreat fee : E25
Lunch : Please bring vegetarian food to share.
Booking: No need to book, but do let us know if you will join us for the day! By email, palpungireland@gmail.com/ text or call Ani Chodron 0863027512 with any queries.

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