Volunteer at Palpung Ireland

“May all beings have Happy Minds”
The Buddha from Karhaniya Metta Sutra
“Generosity brings happiness at every stage of expression”
The Buddha
Volunteer a few hours from time to time
There’s always work to do at the centre –  care of the shrine room, office or garden! Whatever you fancy!
Why not join our fund-raising team !. You might consider  running an event, or indeed  running in an event  for us!

Can you Pledge a half day a month?

Volunteers Needed for ongoing upkeep of your Centre. Help is needed with  the shrine room , garden and office (book – keeping, news-letter) .

On the first Saturday of each month  we are requesting volunteers to pledge a  few hours between 2pm and 5pm .

Saturday December 1st

Saturday January 5th

Saturday February 3rd

Saturday March 2nd

If you cant come on that day , but would like to help  another day that suits just let Ani Chodron know.

Emmet, who is here most days,  always needs help with the ongoing renovations   At present he is  finishing off the Big Hall and small room . Andy  (who is here on retreat) helped Emmet insulate the shrine room in the main house, so it will be nice and toasty for the winter. They are replacing the stove and lining the chimney in the library.  This will help with heating costs as well as keeping us warm. Of course it helps the Environment which we are very committed to.

Send an email  at palpungireland@gmail.com or call 0863027512 for  more information on how you can help.
And a huge thanks to our volunteers who give their precious time and energy because they are  inspired by the work we do.

We look forward to seeing you at the Centre 

yours in the holy Dharma
Ani Chodron Lhamo/Anita
on behalf of the directors, volunteers and community of Palpung Buddhist Centre Banteer  and Cork city)