Weekly Regular Program

You are welcome to:

  • Join any or all sessions on offer from Palpung Ireland
  • Email names to be included in these prayers
  • Sponsor any prayer session for yourself or loved ones
  • All sessions can have an in person attendance as well as zoom (prayer text available on request)

To access our Zoom events, E-Mail us for the current Zoom link. Send E-Mail request to:

Suggested donations (This is a guide only. Please give according to your means):

  • € 35 per month
  • €10 per week
  • €10 per session(excluding prayer sessions – no donation requested)

Weekly Mondays 

  • 8am -8.30am Riwo Sang Cho (aromatic smoke puja especially for local deities)
  • 7pm – 8.30pm Dying Well 6-week course (in progress – Full)

Weekly Tuesdays 

  • 7pm – 8pm Teaching and meditation with Lama Rabzang – Palpung Wales
    • palpung.org.uk / palpungukoffice@gmail.com for details

Weekly Wednesdays 

  • 6pm – 6.30pm  Medicine Buddha practice (Buddha of healing  body and mind)  
  • 7pm – 8pm Minding our Mind – back to basics. Meditate together with a reading/ on simple core practice topics

Weekly Thursdays 

Weekly Fridays 

  • 8am – 9am Green Tara (practice to overcome fear and remove obstacles)
  • 7pm – 8pm Prayers and practice with Lama Rabzang -Palpung Wales
    • palpung.org.uk / palpungukoffice@gmail.com for details

Weekly Saturdays 

  • 10am – 10.30am White Tara Puja
  • 11am – 12noon Loving kindness and Tong-len practice

Weekly Sundays 

  • 6pm – 6.45pm Chenrezig and Sur – the practice of love and compassion followed by Sur (aromatic smoke offering especially for those in Bardo) and the Dewachen prayer for rebirth in the land of bliss